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Does Your Vacuum?

  • Make strange noises?
  • Smell bad?
  • Not pick up?
  • Have terrible suction?

We Offer Vacuum Repair Such As:

  • Vacuum Tune-up (maintenance service)
  • Vacuum Cords
  • Vacuum Brush Rollers replacement
  • Vacuum Motors
  • Vacuum Filters
  • Vacuum Switches, etc.

Vacuum belts, bags and parts

Thompson Floorcare carrys a wide selection of vacuum parts such as belts, bags, filters, brush rollers, switches, hoses, etc. However is recommended to bring the old/used part with you, also in case we don't have that particular part in stock we will ask you for the brand and the model number of your machine in order to assure accuracy and get it for you. You can find the number model of your machine usually on the back or the bottom of it.


Restoration Services

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