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Let the experts clean up what you’ve left behind with our exclusive:

6 Step Cleaning Process

Step 1 (Prep):

Benefits | Fact: 80% of carpet soil is dry and insoluble. Dry soil is best removed by vacuuming. It significantly improves the air quality.

Step 2 (Wash):

Benefits | Conditioning and dwell time begins the process of the cleaning agent emulsifying and suspending the soil of your carpet. Pre-conditioning with hot fiber conditioner-spotting detail means extra effort to remove though stains.

Step 3 (Wash):

Benefits | Wet agitation of the carpet’s fibers loosens and suspends soils. It then lifts, separates, and gently agitates carpet fibers. This maximizes cleaning agent effectiveness.

Step 4 (Rinse):

Benefits | The rinse process removes soiling and detergent residue. Hot, fresh, soft water rinsing machine with instant soil and water extraction is used. There are no chemicals or soaps injected during the rinse process. High efficiency extraction removes the maximum amount of soil and water.

Step 5 (Wash):

Benefits | Did you know? Routine changing of furnace filters reduces soil particles from landing and collecting in your carpet. Special tool detail cleans soiled carpet edges. Edge soil is caused by air infiltration and dirt accumulation.

Step 6 (Dry):

Benefits | Drying is accelerated by a 360 degree high output carpet dryer. Special grooming tool combs and repositions carpet fibers. For water emergencies and flooding ask for our 24/7 water damage response team.

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